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Epic Armoury Quiver Atilla, black

Brand: Epic Armoury
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Product description

This quiver is made of suede leather and has beautiful decorative patterns in strong vegetable tanned leather at the bottom and top. The quiver is lined with a hand-stitched leather lace. It has two straps, with one strap you can wear the arrow quiver on your back and with the other strap you can fasten it around your hip to a belt or a baldric. In this way, it remains in place during an intensive battle.

Material: vegetable tanned leather, brass, suede leather;
Colour: black;
Length: 70 cm;
Diameter: 8 cm (bottom) and 12 cm (top);
Width: 20 cm;
Length belts: 120 cm;
Belt width: 1.8 cm;
Weight: 850 grams;
Shipping weight: 1500 g



This article is made in a limited edition. Each copy is unique. This means that the dimensions and finish may differ slightly.


Maintenance & care
Just like your weapons, it is best to rub your shoes and leather goods with a layer of ballistol after cleaning. This protects the leather from drying out.

Product details

Material: vegetable tanned leather, brass, suede leather/ Colour: black/ Length: 70 cm;/Diameter: 8 cm (bottom) and 12 cm (top)/Width: 20 cm/Length belts: 120 cm/Belt width: 1.8 cm/Weight: 850 grams;


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