Drinking horns

Buy beautiful decorated Celtic and Viking drinking horns, Viking horn cups, carved horns, ale horns and mead horns. For festivals and home deco! Drink like a Viking

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Mead horns and ale horns, horn cups

Discover our carefully selected collection of high quality drinking horns for the lowest price. Windlass, Epic Armoury and handmade horns. Most of our horns are officially approved to drink mead, beer and other cold drinks, unlike most horns that are for sale at medieval fairs. Buy your new drinking horn online!

Viking drinking horn, Celtic drinking horn

We have Viking drinking horns with Viking decoration and Celtic horns with engravings of Celtic knots. We also have undecorated horns that you can carve with your own art designs. Some horns are delivered including a leather holder or stand, so you have a complete horn set for a low price.

Carved horns for home deco

With our decorative horns you can decorate your home in pagan or country style. Place the horns in a bowl near the fireplace. Or display your carved Viking horn. A beautifully decorated horn is a low priced piece of art for all rooms of the house.