Windlass Steelcrafts Medieval templar sword Bohemond II


Windlass Steelcrafts Medieval templar sword Bohemond II

Windlass Steelcrafts

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A beautiful medieval sword by Windlass Steelcraft based on medieval swords used by the Order of the Knights Templar. The Knights Templar was a medieval order of knights who went to war to the Holy Land. In terms of structure, their order resembled a monastic order. Several famous medieval historical figures were knights Templars, like Godfrey de Bouillon and Hughes de Payens. Knights Templar Swords were decorated with the religious symbols of the Order of the Knights Templar. The Templar cross is depicted on the blade, pommel and cross-guard of this replica sword. The pommel shows a coin dedicated to the templar knight Bohemond II. The cross-guard shows a text on both sides: Christ vincit and Christ regnat. This means: Christ conquers and Christ rules. This shows the unshakable faith of the temple knights in Christ and the faith in their mission. The sword has a deep fuller so it has quite a light weight. The grip is wrapped with brown leather in a cross motif. The sword is delivered including a beautiful medieval scabbard with sword belt so you can wear it around your waist. The scabbard is decorated with Templar seals and Templar crosses. A nice sword for on the wall or for reenactment. When bluntened, it is an excellent battle ready sword for sword fighting and a perfect training sword for Historical European Martial Arts.

Material: 1065 tempered carbon steel
Hardness: 48 - 52 HRC
Edge: semi-sharp 1 mm
Length: 104,14 cm
Blade length: 83.82 cm
Blade width: 5.08 cm
Steel thickness blade: 4.7 mm
Weight: 1,6 kg
Including scabbard with sword belt
Based on a historical original
Transport weight (gram): 2500 *

We do not sell this product to customers under the age of 18. Click here for more information on the European arms acts.

This item is produced in limited quantities only. This means that every piece is unique. Sizes & finish may vary lightly from piece to piece.

Prevent rust and corrosion by oiling your weapons regularly. Remove rust easily with black sandpaper. Remove burrs with a whetstone. Make sure you have removed all burrs before using a battle-ready weapon, as they can cause wounds.

Sharpening service

This item is semi-sharp and designed for decorative purposes. It can be made razor sharp at a surcharge. When using the sharpening service, the return right and warranty expires. The extra delivery time is approx. 2 weeks.

Blunting service

The blade of this sword can be blunted (2,5-3 mm) at a surcharge. Please note: although the thickness will be the same as a battle-ready sword, the return right and warranty expires when using the blunting service. Please contact us if you wish to use the blunting service, or make a note at the last step of your shiopping cart. The extra delivery time is approx. 2 weeks.

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Geweldig zwaard! Echt een aanrader. Heel mooie afwerking, verfijnde details.
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