Medieval surcoat Rodrick, black-red

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Medieval surcoat Rodrick, black-red

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This surcoat is ideal for over chainmail and palte armor. Originally the surcoat was developed in the first crusade, where the knights were exposed to the enormous heat and dust for longer periods of time. The surcoat caused the metal not to become too hot. Later these surcoats were used throughout Europe and belonged to the identity of the knight and knighthood. The surcoat was also used in the battle to indicate different parties and families.

This surcoat has a mi-parti pattern. It is made of sturdy cotton, falls straight and has splits at the side from the waist for comfort and so that it can even be worn on horseback. It has shorter splits at the front and back. You can fasten the surcoat with a belt over your outfit or hauberk.

Material: 100% cotton;
Color: black-red;
Size: S / M / L, XL / XXL (size chart see below);
Length: approx. 124 cm;
Washing instructions: hand wash or hand washstand washing machine;
Shipping weight: 1 kg

Chest circumference (cm) 92-108 108-120

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