Ulfberth Medieval falchion, battle-ready

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Ulfberth Medieval falchion, battle-ready

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The falchion was mainly used by infantry from the high and late Middle Ages to the Renaissance. It was a popular type of sword because of the simple production and because it cost little to make. Falchions were used for cutting, it had a fairly short blade with a slight curve in the blade. It didn't take much practice to fight a falchion. This falchion is based on medieval originals. The wooden grip is wrapped with brown leather and it is delivered including a brown leather scabbard. The tip and edge are battle-ready and suitable for light sword fighting and re-enactment.

Material: EN45 spring steel, tempered, 48-50 HRC Rockwell hardness
Length: 83 cm
Blade thickness: 2-3 mm (blunt battle-ready), for light sword fighting and re-enactment
Blade length: 64,5 cm
Point of balance: approx. 10 cm from guard
Width of blade at cross-guard: approx. 4,2 cm
Delivery incl. scabbard
Weight: approx. 1150 g
Based on a historical original
Transport weight (gram): 2000 *

We do not sell this product to customers under the age of 18. Click here for more information on the European arms acts.

This item is produced in limited quantities only. This means that every piece is unique. Sizes & finish may vary lightly from piece to piece.

Prevent rust and corrosion by oiling your weapons regularly. Remove rust easily with black sandpaper. Remove burrs with a whetstone. Make sure you have removed all burrs before using a battle-ready weapon, as they can cause wounds.

Maintenance & care
Just as with weaponry, you can care for your shoes and leatherware by applying a little Ballistol after cleaning. This prevents the leather from drying out.

This item is perfect for beginning sword fighters and light battles but this sword is not covered by a warranty.

Tip: How to adjust the finish of your armour and weaponry
Luxurious (polished)- polish the steel with metal polish or toothpaste. You can even give the item a mirror-like polish. Test on a small surface first!
Handmade (matte)- soak the steel in cola for 40 minutes to 20 hours. Check regularly and treat with black sandpaper.
Antique (patinated) leave the steel to rust for some time in a damp environment, preferably outside. Remove the red layer of rust, to reveal the corroded top layer.

Please note. After finishing the product yourself, the warranty and return right expire. Celtic WebMerchant is not responsible for the obtained result."

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