Epic Armoury Medieval chaperon Walt, green

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Epic Armoury Medieval chaperon Walt, green

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Chaperons like these were worn from the early Middle Ages to the beginning of the sixteenth century. Especially craftsmen, farmers, pedlars and other low classes and citizens wore chaperons. It was an ideal garment to wear while working outside or when travelling.

It protects the head from dirt, but also keeps your head warm against strong winds, cold and rain. It is also comfortable to wear the hood during cold nights, it will keep your head and neck warm. The hood is long and reaches to the lower back.

Material: 100% cotton;
Color: green;
Size: S / M and L / XL (size chart see below);
Washing instructions: hand wash or hand wash stand washing machine;
Shipping weight: 1 kg;
Based on historical original

Size Overall height Hood height Hood depth
S/M approx. 59 cm approx. 35 cm approx. 32 cm
L/XL approx. 71 cm approx. 41 cm approx. 38 cm



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