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Leonardo Carbone Long gambeson, black

Brand: Leonardo Carbone

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Product description

This gambeson is suitable for re-enactment battles and can be worn underneath i.a. a suit of armour or a hauberk. It is made of cotton with a polyester padding. The gambeson is available in the colours white (natural colour) and black. This gambeson has a thickness of 12 mm.

Chest circumference
Total length
S110 cm55 cm92 cm
M116 cm56 cm97 cm
L120 cm57 cm100 cm
XL128 cm59 cm103 cm
XXL134 cm61 cm105 cm
XXXL140 cm62 cm108 cm

How to measure
Length: from the shoulder to hip (short) / knee (long).
Chest / breast: circumference around the chest, breathe in properly.
Arm / sleeve: sleeve length from shoulder to elbow (short) / wrist (long).


Product details

Long gambeson as it was worn up to the 16th century. Slightly thinner and therefore more flexible than most other gambesons, ideal for below plate armour or chain mail.


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