Epic Armoury LARP Wakizashi

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Epic Armoury LARP Wakizashi

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The wakizashi was a blade between 30 and 60 cm. When someone wore a katana and a wakizashi, this symbolized the fact that he was a true samurai. These two swords together were called daisho , or big-small. People fought with the wakizashi from the fifteenth or sixteenth century. It was a backup or auxiliary sword, especially for close combat, to behead an opponent or to commit ritual suicide. In addition to samurai, the class of the chonin , or traders, was allowed to wear the wakizashi.

This LARP Wakizashi is a wonderful weapon for Asian characters such as samurai and noble characters and traders.

Material: EVA foam with fiberglass core and latex coating;
Length: 60 cm;
Grip length: 14 cm;
Blade length: 38 cm;
Width blade: 5 cm;
Width of cross-guard: 10 cm;
Circumference grip: 11 cm;
Weight: 216 g;
Shipping weight: 1 kg

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