Epic Armoury LARP Tornado Shuriken

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Epic Armoury LARP Tornado Shuriken

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The shuriken is an Asian throwing star. The sport of throwing with these weapons is called Shuriken-jutsu. In Japanese, shuriken means something like "the sword in the inside of the hand." Generally, a shuriken had no more than four sides. The shuriken was intended as a distraction during the fight, it was not actually a weapon in itself although it could inflict nasty wounds. The metal reflected the sunlight, if this distracted the enemy for a moment, it made the difference between winning and losing.

This LARP shuriken is the perfect accessory for ninjas, samurai and other Asian characters.

Material: polyurethane foam with latex coating;
Diameter: 10 cm;
Weight: 15 g;
Shipping weight: 100 g

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