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Epic Armoury LARP Barmace

Brand: Epic Armoury

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Product description

If someone has not paid their rent again, use this LARP bar club. Perfect for hard and rough LARP and Cosplay characters such as mafia bosses, bank robbers, burglars, Peaky Blinders and other scum. This weapon also fits in a medieval setting and is suitable for use against LARP plate armor.

This LARP weapon is painted lifelike to look like a steel club. The handle is wrapped in brown leather. The weapon consists of four edges that run from the grip to the end. There is a hole at the end of the grip so you can easily attach it to your outfit with a lace.

Material: EVA foam, fiberglass core, leather, latex;
Length: 70 cm;
Grip length: 13 cm;
Length of the head: 50 cm;
Height head: 6 cm;
Width head: 6 cm;
Circumference head: 8 cm;
Weight: 169 g;
Shipping weight: 1000 grams

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Product details

Details/Material: EVA foam, fiberglass core, leather, latex/Length: 70 cm/Grip length: 13 cm/Length of the head: 50 cm/Height head: 6 cm/Width head: 6 cm/Circumference head: 8 cm/Weight: 169 g/Shipping weight: 1000 grams


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