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Epic Armoury LARP Kingsguard Halberd

Brand: Epic Armoury
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Product description

This LARP weapon is inspired by the medieval halberd. This was a weapon used by the infantry to attack the cavalry. This LARP weapon is perfect for medieval characters such as knights and Kingsguard. It has been painted lifelike so that the shaft looks really made of wood and the head of metal. It also has a beautifully decorated motif that looks like it is etched on a golden surface.

Material: EVA foam, fiberglass core, latex;
Length: 190 cm;
Grip length: 118 cm;
Head length: 36 cm;
Head height: 28 cm;
Circumference grip: 12 cm;
Weight: 809 g;
Shipping weight: 3000 grams



Product details

Details/Material: EVA foam, fiberglass core, latex/Length: 190 cm/Grip length: 118 cm/Head length: 36 cm/Head height: 28 cm/Circumference grip: 12 cm/Weight: 809 g/Shipping weight: 3000 grams


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