Urs Velunt Hand-and-a-half sword Oakeshott type XIIa, battle-ready

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Urs Velunt Hand-and-a-half sword Oakeshott type XIIa, battle-ready

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The one-and-a-half sword is a sword with a size between a single-handed sword and a two-handed sword. It could be used with one hand, but it was also possible to put a second hand on top of the grip and partly on the pommel for extra force.

This sword is a replica of an Oakeshott type XIIa. This is a subtype of the XII type, which is one of the most frequently found swords of the Middle Ages. The XIIa type was presumably designed in response to the improved chain mail and plate armor from the mid-thirteenth century and at the time of the last Crusades. This is one of the first types of one-and-a-half handed swords. A historical example of such a sword can be seen in the Museum of London.

This sword has a blade of carbon steel, with a rounded tip and a battle-ready cedge (2.5 - 3 mm thick). The grip is wrapped in black leather.

Product Details:
Length: 112 cm;
Blade length: 86 cm;
Steel type: carbon steel;
Edge: blunt battle-ready (2.5 - 3 mm);
Tang construction: Full tang;
Pommel: Screwed;
Grip: black leather;
Delivered without scabbard;
Based on historical original: Yes;
Transport weight (in grams): 2000 *


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