Golden Stater Catuvellauni

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Golden Stater Catuvellauni

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The Catuvellauni were a mighty Celtic tribe in the South-East of Britain. The Roman historiographer Dio Cassius mentions the Catuvellauni as one of the prominent Celtic tribes that revolted against the Roman invasion of Britain in 43 AD. The chief Caratacus was seen as one of the leaders of the revolt. The Catuvellauni were powerful and rich. The land over which they reigned was fertile and many raw materials like pewter were mined. The Catuvellauni were a tribe that had close ties and shared ancestors with the Gaulish tribes of Belgium. This golden stater is made of gilded pewter. The stater depicts the horse, with the feared Celtic chariot. The coin has strong Roman influences. .

Material: leadless pewter
Based on historical original
Shipping weight: 50 grams

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