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Epic Armoury Goblin Mask Green, LARP Mask

Brand: Epic Armoury
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With this Goblin mask and the right outfit, you will transform into a LARP goblin in no time. The mask covers nearly the entire face. Only the eyes, mouth and nose need make-up to cover the color difference. Within the mask, under the forehead, are foampads to keep the edges of the mask within a safe distance from the eyes. For every LARP event. It is made of latex, is green and its circumference is approx. 57-59 cm. It is approx. 25 cm high. This mask will be more durable when sprayed with silicone spray and it is better to keep the material in good condition. Silicone spray is not included and can be ordered separately. The mask is very detailled and made of a good quality.

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