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United Cutlery Game Of Thrones - Night's Watch dragon glass set

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The Game of Thrones dragonglass set is an official replica that is made in a strictly limited edition. Worldwide there are just 2500 sets. This set includes a certificate of authenticity and an autograph by George R.R. Martin.

This set contains a handmade obsidian dagger and five obsidian arrowheads, a leather sheath, a deerskin belt pouch, a wooden collectible box, a personal letter from Jon SNow (written by George R.R. Martin) and a map of the territories behind the Wall.

The dagger is 26 cm long with a 14 cm blade and an 11 cm grip. Obsidian has been used for thousands of years by the people of South America for knives and arrow heads. Vulcanic glass is often sharper and harder than steel.

Dragonglass is the only weapon that can kill the White Walkers.

This item is not sold to customers under 18.

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