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United Cutlery Game Of Thrones - Ice, sword of Eddard Stark

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This sword is the official movie replica of the sword of Ned Stark from the HBO hit series Game of Thrones. The sword is part of a strictly limited edition of 2500 pieces worldwide.

Ice is 146 cm long with a 107 cm long blade, it has a hardwood and antiqued brass grip and weighs 3850 grams. The blade is made of 1060 carbon steel and is semi-sharp. Ice is delivered including a wooden plaque for display, it is decorated with the Stark sigil.

Ice symbolizes honor and duty. Ned Stark is the warden of the North. He travels to King's Landing to serve his friend king Robert Baratheon as Hand of the king. Ned fell on the wrong side of the court nobility and was accused of treachery. After Robert was killed, Joffrey Baratheon gave to order to behead Ned.

This item is not sold to customers under 18.

This item cannot be shipped to countries outside the EU due to its length.

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