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Epic Armoury English Civil War doublet black

Brand: Epic Armoury
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Product description

Doublets like this were worn all over the world during the 16th-17th century. They provided extra protection against the cold but enabled freedom of movement. Doublets were worn during the Golden Age in The Netherlands and during the reign of Elizabeth I of England.
This doublet is decorated with black satin lining. It has cords for closing. It is possible to wear the doublet half opened in case of wearing a large shirt with decorations underneath. This doublet is available in the sizes XXS-XL

Material: polyester, satin
Color: black
Based on historical original
Shipping weight: 400 grams.
Washing prescription: Handwash.

SizeLength approx.Circumference chest approx.Waist approx.Hip approx.
XXS40 cm67 cm67 cm63 cm
XS45 cm73 cm73 cm68 cm
S54 cm91 cm91 cm85 cm
M56 cm101 cm101 cm94 cm
L58 cm111 cm111 cm104 cm

Product details

Material: polyester, satin/ Color: black/ Based on historical original/ Shipping weight: 400 grams./ Washing prescription: Handwash.


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