Leonardo Carbone Embroidered tunic Thorgrim, green

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Leonardo Carbone Embroidered tunic Thorgrim, green

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This beautiful tunic is suitable for early medieval and medieval re-enactment, LARP and Cosplay. For example Germanic people, Vikings, Anglo-Saxons and Normans. It reaches almost to the knees and the bottom edge is decorated with an embroidered pattern. The color of the tunic referred to the social status of the wearer. Colors such as red, blue and purple were very luxurious and expensive to make. Colors such as brown, yellow, orange, green and the like were for the common man. The pigments with which these colors are produced are cheaper and easier to find in nature. Warriors, peasants and other normal people wore a tunic around knee height so that it was not in the way of daily work. The nobility wore tunics to the ground, they naturally had to move less during the day, the length of their garment was a status symbol.

Material: 100% cotton
Color: green
Sizes: S up to XXXL (size chart see below)
Washing prescription: 30 degrees laundry
Based on a historical original
Transport weight (gram): 1000 *

(cm) Chest circumference 
Total length
Arm length
 Belly circumference
S 110 73 55 108
M 114 75 57 112
L 118 76 60 116
XL 122 84 64 120
XXL 126 85 67 124
XXXL 132 88 69 130

This item is produced in limited quantities only. This means that every piece is unique. Sizes & finish may vary lightly from piece to piece.

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