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Deepeeka Chainmail coif, butted round rings

Brand: Deepeeka

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Product description

This chainmail coif is based on original medieval coifs. This coif can be worn separately or underneath a helmet. It covers the shoulders, neck and head and has a square visor. This coif is made of round rings with an inner diameter of 8 mm.
Tip: when you attach leather straps to the gambeson, the neck part of this coif will stay in place much better.

Material: spring steel 8 mm
Head circumference: 59-64 cm
Construction: 1:4
Butted round rings
Based on historical original
Shipping weight: 3 kg

This item is handmade in a limited amount. Each item is unique. Finish and sizes can slightly vary.

Product details

Material: spring steel 8 mm/ Head circumference: 59-64 cm/ Construction: 1:4/ Butted round rings/ Based on historical original/ Shipping weight: 3 kg


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