Cold Steel MAA Gothic mace

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Cold Steel MAA Gothic mace

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This mace is based on 15th century originals. Maces like this were used by heavy armored infantry and cavalry to pierce enemy armor. This mace is a replica of a German original that is nowadays part of the collection of the National Museum of Nuremberg.

In the Man-at-arms collection Cold Steel keeps the weapons black to avoid damage during use, instead of providing them with the usual silver polished finish.

Material: 1055 carbon steel
Total length: 71,1 cm
Grip length: 22,9 cm
Shaft thickness: 2,2 cm
Mace head: 15,2 x 8,9 cm
Based on historical original
Weight: 1443 grams
Shipping weight: 2 kg


This item is handmade in a limited amount. Each item is unique. Finish and sizes can slightly vary.

This item is not sold to customers under 18. Click here for more information on the European arms acts. This item cannot be sold to Belgium due to the Belgian arms act.

We ask for a one-off age verification when purchasing sharp objects
Send a scan or picture of your ID-card, passport, driving license or other document with your birth date to [email protected] We only need your name and date of birth, all other information can be blurred. After this one-off check, we delete & destroy the image, so we do not store your personal details. Click here for more information.
The parcel of this item will be labelled: “Warning, sharp content. Please only deliver to adults (18+).”

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