Burgschneider Children's tunic Eriksson, grey

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Burgschneider Children's tunic Eriksson, grey

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Dress in the (early) medieval way! This children's tunic is based on a real historical item: the Bernuthsfeld tunic from Denmark. It was worn between 680 and 775. It is a fairly universal model and can be used from the Merovingians to the High Middle Ages. Also perfect for LARP, Cosplay and theatre.

Product details
Material: 100% York cotton
Colour: Grey
Size: 104 - 152
Hand dyed
Based on a historical original
Shipping weight: 300 grams.

Washing prescription: handwash

Size 104 116 128 140 152
Chest circumference 76 cm   80 cm     84 cm     90 cm     96 cm
Sleeve length 36 cm 40 cm 45 cm 49 cm 54 cm
Total length 51 cm 55 cm 63 cm 67 cm 71 cm


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