Deepeeka Burgonet with 3-part visor

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Deepeeka Burgonet with 3-part visor

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This burgonet is based on 16th century originals. This type of helmet was used until far in the 17th century. It offered optimal protection combined with a good field of view and had great advantages compared to its predecessors. This burgonet has a neck protection. The burgonet can be worn in three different ways, depending on the required protection and field of view. 1. Only the burgonet (optionally with neck protection), 2. The burgonet with grill visor, 3. The burgonet with closed visor. This burgonet is made of 2 mm thick steel and is provided with a leather inlay and a chin strap.

Material: steel 2 mm thick
Distance between ears: 18 cm
Measurement from forehead to back of the head: 21,5 cm
Head circumference: 61 cm
Weight: 3600 grams
Based on historical original
Shipping weight: 4,5 kg

This item is handmade in a limited amount. Each item is unique. Finish and sizes can slightly vary.

Tip: How to adjust the finish of your armour and weaponry
Luxurious (polished)- polish the steel with metal polish or toothpaste. You can even give the item a mirror-like polish. Test on a small surface first!
Handmade (matte)- soak the steel in cola for 40 minutes to 20 hours. Check regularly and treat with black sandpaper.
Antique (patinated) leave the steel to rust for some time in a damp environment, preferably outside. Remove the red layer of rust, to reveal the corroded top layer.

Please note. After finishing the product yourself, the warranty and return right expire. Celtic WebMerchant is not responsible for the obtained result.

I've Never heard good things about Deepeeka Products so i was taking a chance on this helmet, and i have to say im extremely pleased with not only the quality of the Burgeonet but also how quickly I received it, 3 days early.
Despite the thickness of steel, the weight is distributed well through the helmet and doesn't feel like 7 pounds. Both of the face guards fit nicely, and with a bit of practice are quite easy to attatch to the helmet without help. (You cannot put the helmet on your head if the visor is already secured unless you have an extremly small head)
Im intending on using it for SCA Heavy combat and with only some minor modifications this is a legal helmet. and for the price of only 104 euros ($154CAD) this definitely deserves 5 stars

5 stars based on 1 reviews
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