Red dragon Bastard sword, tempered

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Red dragon Bastard sword, tempered

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New from Red Dragon (known for their high-quality HEMA plastic training swords) is this line of high-level replica historical swords. These swords are supplied with a leather sheath with belt and are made of high quality steel and hardness so that they are suitable for intensive training.

This sword is a replica of a 13th century historic bastard sword. It has a size between a single-handed and a one-and-a-half sword. The grip is slightly larger than that of a one-hander, so that when you hit hard, you can put a hand on the grip for extra strength.

This bastard sword has a wooden scabbard wrapped with brown leather and a brown leather grip. The edge is 2 mm thick. In addition, the blade is tempered and made from EN42J spring steel. It has a core with a steel hardness of 45 HRC and the edges have a hardness of 50 HRC. Because of the two different hardnesses, the sword is flexible and less brittle than comparable models. This sword is a combination of excellent craftsmanship and years of HEMA experience.

The sword lends itself best for slashing and is very durable.

Total length: 114,5 cm;
Blade length: 92 cm;
Grip length: 17,5 cm
Blade width at cross-guard: 5 cm
Blade width 10 cm from cross-guard: 4,8 cm;
Blade width 10 cm from tip: 3,5 cm;
Thickness: 2 mm (semi-sharp);
Cross-guard width: 19 cm;
Point of balance: 18 cm below guard;
Weight excluding scabbard: 1223 g;
Weight including scabbard: 1570 g;
Material:spring steel EN42J;
Hardness: 45 HRC (core), 50 HRC (edge);
Pommel: riveted;
Material scabbard: wood, leather, steel;

Based on historical original

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