Epic Armoury 15th century acketon beige

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Epic Armoury 15th century acketon beige

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This acketon is based on 15th century originals that can be seen in various illuminated medieval manuscripts. Perfect for late medieval and Renaissance re-enactment and for LARP and Cosplay. The acketon covers the body to the hips. It is incredibly practical in use thanks to the many laces on the sleeves and at the bottom. These are meant for attaching plate armor, jackchains and the like. The sleeves are removable and can be fastened with the cotton laces. A nice detail: all cotton laces that are attached to this gambeson have a historically correct brass lace end.

This gambeson consists of three layers of fluffed cotton canvas with a soft cotton inner lining and a wool mix exterior, it can be worn during re-enactment and LARP battles. It has a raised collar for extra protection at the neck. At the front you can tie it up with cotton laces. This acketon is very comfortable and offers excellent freedom of movement.

Material: cotton, wool blend;
Color: beige;
Size: S to XL (size chart see below);
Weight: approx. 1500 g;
Based on historical original;
Washing instructions: hand wash or hand wash mode washing machine;
Shipping weight: 2 kg;

Size Length approx. Sleevelength approx. Chest circumference approx.
S 64 cm 64 cm 93 cm
M 70 cm 66 cm 102 cm
L 72 cm 67 cm 113 cm
XL 75 cm 67 cm 125 cm

this gambeson fits perfectly and is really comfortable i got a size S (1,73m & 56kg) definitely worth the money, it's not really a thick gambeson so its perfect for warmer weather the seam stitching is done nicely and the holes are stitched and not metal rings which makes repairs easy and long lasting, overall a good buy

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