You pay VAT:
All residents of the European Union pay VAT on their order. Foundations, associations and small businesses that do not make use of intra-community transactions, pay VAT as well. Dutch companies pay VAT, but can reclaim it on their VAT return.
The standard VAT-rate is 21% . For customers in Italy and France, we calculate Italian (22%) and French (20%) VAT.

You do not pay VAT when:
1. You are a VAT registered company in an EU country (except the Netherlands). These companies may shift VAT as an intra-community performance. Please note whether you are eligible to do so. The tax authority checks every intra-community transaction, and we also need to correct the invoice when VAT is deducted erroneously.
2. You are a resident of a country outside the EU, and your order is shipped to this country (export). You do not pay European VAT (GST). As soon as the parcel has arrived in your country, you pay the VAT of your country, plus, in some cases, customs duties. Import duties (usually a small percentage of the order value) are only calculated from a certain amount. In the USA, for example, for orders from approx. 750 euros.
3. You are a Dutch company with a VAT registration. You pay VAT on your order, but can reclaim it in your VAT-declaration.

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