Historical glue & linseed oil

The shop for reenactment and historical painting. We have linseed oil for making oil paint, skin glue and bone glue for wooden panels and historical gluing.

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Linseed oil and historical glue

Buy linseed oil and glue for historical painting in our webshop. With linseed oil you can make your own oil paint and with the bone glue and hide glue you can prepare wooden panels for medieval painting in a traditional way. This glue is also very useful for reenactment. If you are going to make your own arrows in the reenactment camp, you can melt the glue granules on the fire au bain-marie. The glue granules become liquid when the water reaches a temperature of approximately 60 degrees Celsius. You can apply it on the surface that you want to glue. For visitors of reenactment events this is also very interesting to see. This glue is ideal for museums that give historical demonstrations.