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Deepeeka Prussian pickelhaube 1889

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Product description

The Pickelhaube is a Prussian helmet that was designed in 1842 by Frederick William IV of Prussia. After his son, William, had become emperor of the German Empire, it was worn by the German militaries, firemen and police. It has mostly become known as the German helmet of World War I.
This pickelhaube is based on originals that were made from 1889 onwards. Around this period, the Prussian infantry was one of the best army units of the world. Many pickelhaubes are made of steel and brass, but this specific type is made of leather. This reduced the weight significantly. The helmet has an inscription in Old German (Mit Gott für Koening und Vaterland).

Material: leather, brass
Inlay: leather inlay
Max. head circumference: 61 cm
Based on historical original
Shipping weight: 3 kg.

Product details

Material: leather, brass/ Inlay: leather inlay/ Max. head circumference: 61 cm/ Based on historical original/ Shipping weight: 3 kg.


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