How Battle-Ready Is My Sword

How Battle-Ready Is My Sword

Battle-Ready means that the sword is suitable for fighting. Battle-Ready swords and weapons have a blunted edge and a rounded point. Battle-Ready or not, always pay attention to whether points of weapons are round enough. If necessary, you can also make points rounder with a file or grinder.

There are varying degrees of battle-ready weapons. This is mainly dependent on the construction of the sword, because of this the durability is often also determined.

Pay attention to hardness

The hardness of the sword tells about how tough the steel structure is. It is advisable to have a hardness of at least 48 HRC, but no less than 50-52 HRC. 

If a battle-ready sword is too soft, dents will appear more quickly. If it is too hard it will become brittle and less flexible. Not every factory uses the same hardness, but with a hardness of 50 HRC you are actually fine. 


Static fighting

Fighting is a dynamic whole. You often see static battles in films where swords are slammed against each other and blocked. This is nowhere to be seen in the historical fight books. The more often a sword is used statically, the more pressure is put on the tang construction. 


Pay attention to the pommel

Especially if you use a sword regularly, it is advisable to choose a riveted, soldered or pegged pommel. Threaded pommels will have more play over time. 

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