Samurai armour & garments

Leather Samurai armor & samurai helmets for sale for home deco and Japanese martial arts. By CAS Hanwei & other brands. Samurai trousers, kimonos, battle skirts

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Traditional samurai armor & samurai helmets by CAS Hanwei

We have fully portable samurai armor and helmets by CAS Hanwei. Many of our helmets are handmade and have real horsehair. The samurai often used leather lamellar armor and leather helmets.  


Samurai trousers, kimono

We sell samurai clothing for the practice of Japanese martial arts such as aikido, kendo, iaido, kenjutsu, jodo and nanbudo. We offer kimonos and samurai trousers in several colors and sizes.

LARP samurai armor

If you want to make a Japanese costume or a Japanese samurai LARP, we also have Epic Armoury leather samurai armor which is lower priced than the CAS Hanwei samurai armor.