Bluntening & sharpening service

Professional sharpening of swords, knives, daggers and axes. Buy a razor sharp sword! We can also make sharp swords blunt for reenactment, HEMA and sword training.

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Professional sword Sharpening Service

With our professional sharpening service we can sharpen all semi-sharp swords in our assortment razor sharp. Except for sword longer than 150 cm without scabbard. The sharpened swords are fully functional and suitable for cutting tests. The better the steel quality, the longer a sword will stay sharp. We also sharpen knives, daggers and axes.

Professional sword bluntening

Many swords are of high quality. But there is a problem. They are sharp and therefore cannot be used for Martial arts or reenactment battles. That is why we have developed our bluntening service. Turn these perfect swords into perfect reenactment swords. The bluntening service is offered on all razor-sharp and semi-sharp swords.