Get the look: High elf

Get the look: High elf

One of the most well-known races in the fantasy genre are the Elves. There are many sub-races of Elves and in every fantasy world they are slightly different. Amongst the many types of Elves are the High Elves. For this Get the Look blog we’ll be showing you one of the many ways you can make a High Elf character come to life. 


When we think about High Elves, we generally think of elegance and beauty more than warriors or rangers. High Elves are often depicted wearing long, flowy gowns or robes, with beautiful details. This is why we opted for a dress with large sleeves and damask details.  


Medieval dress Ophelia, green-black:



Dress Ivy green-white:

Dress Cleena green-black:

Medieval dress Lenore, green:


High Elves are a great fantasy race for small details, such as jewellery. Elegant shapes and nature elements work wonderfully for a High Elf look. 


Tiskelion pendant:



Celtic triquetra pendant, silvered bronze:

Viking cross Ringerike style, silvered:




The most recognisable feature Elves have, are their pointy ears. The exact shape and length varies per book, film or game, so this gives you plenty of room for your own preference. For this High Elf look, we used slightly longer ears. 


Elven ears Elrindel:

Elven ears wood elf:


More ears and essentials

Classical elven ears, S:

Drow elven ears, light:

Mastix spirit glue:

Mastix Spirit glue remover:



Although there are no rules set in stone about hair colour for High Elves, some of the most common colours are a very light blond or silvery white. Elves also, generally, have long, straight hair. There is no need for years of growing your own hair or intense bleaching to achieve such hair styles. A wig is a way easier option. 


Elven wig, white:


Other wig options

Wig Drow:

Wig Khaleesi:


For this look, we wanted to keep the shoes simple and relatively elegant. A sleek, basic ankle boot or shoe will already get you a long way.

15th century ankle boots:


More shoes

Medieval ankle boots with hobnails:

Medieval ladies shoes Astrid, black:



Within the concept of a High Elf, you can still play around with different roles they might have within their society. Just because it’s a High Elf doesn’t mean they can’t also be a mage or a warrior. If you would like to make your High Elf a magic yielder, a beautifully decorated staff can be a great accessory.




Other staffs

Irish Walking Stick (shillelaghs):

Wooden Quarterstaff, 150cm, Foam Weapon:



High Elves may be elegant and sophisticated, but they are still skilled fighters when they need to be. Elvish weapons usually have a more curved shape for an elegant feel. They’re also well crafted with nice details such as engravings. 


LARP Elven sword:



Curved LARP elven sword, 90cm:

LARP sword RFB Braided Elven 75cm:

LARP Elfen short sword:


Even though High Elves are skilled fighters, they aren’t invincible. They would still need protection in battle, so a shield can be a good addition to your High Elf look, when you’re going the warrior route. Since there are so many different portrayals of High Elves, there’s not one specific type of shield you need to use for this.  


LARP Gobbo shield:


Other shields

LARP RFB buckler steel:

LARP red-white elven shield, 120 x 55cm:

LARP elven buckler:

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