Belt end Midgardsnake

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This belt end is inspired on the Jellinge art style (890-990). It is bronze coloured and suitable for a belt strap with a width of 3 cm. It measures 4,8 x 2,5 cm.

The ribbon-animal decoration, the in profile head, the almond shaped eyes and the striped body are typical for the Viking art style Jellinge. This belt end is inspired on historical examples and has an elegant look. The Jellinge style was universal throughout the Viking world and can be found in all European countries where Vikings have travelled during the 10th century.

The animal depicted on this belt end is de Midgardsorm, or Midgard snake. The god Thor had a feud with the Midgardsorm. In the old Norse mythology it can be read that it was predicted that Thor and the Midgardsorm would kill each other at Ragnarok, the end of the old world. The god Odin would be eaten by the wolf Fenrir.

Product details:
Length: 4.8 cm
Width: 2.5 cm;
Belt width: 3 cm min.;
Material: zamak / silvered zamak;
Fastening: pin & ring;
Based on a historic original: Yes;
Transport weight (gram): 200 *

This item is produced in limited quantities only. This means that every piece is unique. Sizes & finish may vary lightly from piece to piece.

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