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Roman coin Caesar

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This Roman coin is a replica of an original that was beaten during the campaigns of Gaius Julius Caesar. The denarius has been the most well-known valuta within the Roman Empire. It was introduced in 211 BC. The silver used in the coins was mainly won during the Roman raid of Syracuse in 210 BC. A denarius was worth ten aces and weighed approx. 4.5 grams. This was one Roman pound. The denarius occurs in a large variety because several minters could produce them independently. Many denarii contained family symbols from Roman mythology or history. Julius Caesar was the first Roman that was depicted on his coins. But in February, just before his death, he gained the right to mint coins independently. During the short period before his murder he minted a large amount of coins.
This coin is made of patinated pewter. It has a diameter of approx. 3,5 cm. The head shows Caesar, the other side shows the Capitoline Wolf that fed the Roman ancestors Romulus and Remus.

Product details:
Diameter: 3 cm;
Material: tin (lead-free);
Based on a historic original: yes;
Transport weight (grams): 10 *

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