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Jackchains, paar

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Dit paar jackchains is gemaakt van 2 mm dik staal. Ze zijn gemakkelijk aan de wambuis te bevestigen.
Ze zijn 68 cm lang en wegen 1,15 kg.

Dit artikel wordt in een gelimiteerde oplage gemaakt. Elk exemplaar is uniek. Hierdoor kunnen maten en afwerking licht van elkaar afwijken.

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Review door Allan Stevns, Geplaatst op 08-06-2015, 4 Ster(ren).
Im really pleased with these. At first i was afraid that they might not protect my arms enough, but i have found that most blows will hit the plates, even though they arent that wide, and disperse the blow on a larger area. Obviously they dont protect at well as full plate armprotection, but when that is said, they are very light, and since they are strapped to the surface of the gambeson, they dont hinder movements at all. I dont even notice they are there, and can easely wear my gambeson, with the chains on, all day, and do ordinary camp chores, without notecing they are there at all.
To be fair i did have to modify them slightly when i got them. The plate fittings that the rings go through, wasnt flush with the inside of the plate, so at the beginning, it was very uncomfortable to get a hit, since the blow was pressed down on the two points that were connected to the rings. But it was quite easy to hammer them outwards so the problem was solved.
And they look really cool when they are mounted on the sleeves of a gambeson. The pictures of them on their own, dont display them at their best
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