Ushapti servant of Tutankhamun

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Ushapti servant of Tutankhamun

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This Ushapti (a statue that the deceased took in his grave to perform labor for the deceased) is based on the Ushapti found in the tomb KV62, the tomb of Tutankhamun (1323 BC). The intention was that the Ushapti would help and serve pharaoh Tutankhamun in the afterlife. The original is made of wood and is exhibited in the Egyptian museum in Cairo. Chapter six of the Egyptian death book is written on the skirt. This Ushapti wears a beautiful beaded necklace around his neck. This Egyptian figurine is handmade from gypsum alabaster.

Length: 22 cm
Width: 6 cm
Material: gypsum alabaster
Based on historical original

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