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Ulfberth Woollen tunica Mars

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Product description

This type of tunica was worn in the Mediterranean area during classical Antiquity. Later on, these tunicae were worn in other places in Europe too and were in use as tunic until the late Middle Ages. In colder climates, they were combined with trousers and leg wrappings, but short tunicae were even worn without trousers in the Mediterranean region. The colour red was typically a colour for the Roman army. Legionaries wore red tunics at war, but used white or other colours when they were not in battle.

Product details:Material: wool mix, 85% wool
Colour: red
Sizes: M-XL
Based on a historical original
Shipping weight: 300 grams
Laundry prescriptions: Hand wash, possibly hand wash programme in the washing machine.

SizeChest girth approx.Sleeves approx.Total length approx.
M120 cm50 cm98 cm
L124 cm52 cm100 cm
XL128 cm54 cm105 cm

Product details

wool mix, 85% wool/ Colour: red/ Sizes: M-XL/ Based on a historical original/ Shipping weight: 300 grams/


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