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Ulfberth Viking tunic with short sleeves, brown

Brand: Ulfberth
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Product description

This type of tunic was a basic piece of clothing worn by men all over Europe during the Early to Late Middle Ages. The tunic can be worn on its own, or as an undergarment under a tunic of another colour. In colder climates, it was often combined with trousers and leg wrappings.

Product details:
Material: wool mix, 85% wool
Colour: brown
Based on a historical original
Shipment weight: 300 grams.
Laundry prescriptions: Wash by hand, possibly handwash programme in the washing machine.


SizeChest girth approx..Sleeves approx.Total approx.
M120 cm28 cm78 cm
L124 cm30 cm80 cm
XL128 cm32 cm82 cm

Product details

Material: wool mix, 85% wool/ Colour: brown/ Sizes:M-XL/ Based on a historical original/ Shipment weight: 300 grams.


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