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Leonardo Carbone Tunic Edgar, black/brown

Brand: Leonardo Carbone
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Product description

This type of tunic was a basic piece of clothing worn by men all over Europe during the Early to Late Middle Ages. The tunic can be worn on its own, or as an undergarment under a tunic of another colour. In colder climates, it was often combined with trousers and leg wrappings.
In some periods, the length of the tunic signified the social status of the wearer. The Romans wore simple, wider tunics without much frills. The Vikings and Germanic people wore their tunics less airy, with long sleeves, trousers, leg wrappings and an under tunic.

Product details:
Material: 100% cotton
Colour: black-red, brown-black, black-brown
Sizes: XS-XXXL
Based on a historical original
Shipment weight: 1000 grams.

(cm)Chest circumferencetotal lengthwaist circumference

Product details

Material: 100% cotton/ Colour: black-red, brown-black, black-brown/ Sizes: XS-XXXL/ Based on a historical original/


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