Battle-ready weapon filter

Battle-ready is a broad term describing weapons that are suitable for re-enactment and martial arts. Our weapons are tested and categorised in various intensity grades. Each grade has its own advantages and disadvantages. Regardless of the intensity grade, one has to be aware of how a weapon has to be used.

Light use
These weapons are suitable for re-enactment and not only for beginning martial artists. They can often be used for years, if handled properly (for example, not blocking with the edge). The steel has a Rockwel hardness of 50 HRC, which is considerably softer than weapons from other categories.

Normal use
These weapons are suitable for long term use in re-enactment or martial arts. The steel has a hardness of 50 to 54 HRC.

Intensive use
These weapons are specifically designed for a long longevity. By using more intricate forging techniques, they are stronger than other models. The steel has a hardness of 53 to 54 HRC and extra attention is paid to weight and flexibility. The makers design each part for daily use in intensive martial arts.

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