What is custom work?

A part of Celtic WebMerchant's products is custom made. If this is the case, it is normally mentioned in the product text.
The following products are custom made:

  • Cold weapons of which the customer himself can choose the blade properties (such as sharpness, blade profile) and / or the finish (such as grip wrapping, polishing).
  • Scabbards or sheats that are specifically made for the measurements of cold weapons.
  • Helmets and armour that are based on a measurement chart, filled in by the customer, and of which the customer occasionally can choose the finish and steel thickness.
  • Clothing, footwear and headwear that are based on a a measurement chart, filled in by the customer, of which the customer sometimes has specified the colour and / or material.
  • Other articles that are made explicitly according to the customer's own specifications.
  • Articles that can be made according to a measurement chart, but which the customer has chosen to receive in a standard size. The measurements of these standard sizes are specified in the product text (via a (link to the) measurement chart), or in the drop down menu(s).

Custom made products cannot be returned, unless in case of a production error. Click here for more information on our warranty.