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Epic Armoury Tie laces with aiglets, set of 6, black

Brand: Epic Armoury
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Product description

Laces like these were used during the Middle Ages, in particular the Late Middle Ages and the Renaissance, for all kinds of purposes. With these laces it was possible to attach plate armor parts or chainmail to the gambeson or acketon. With such strong laces, the plate armor remained firmly in place during a battle.

Such laces were also used for clothing and shoes. They could be used, for example, to attach chausses to braies. Laces were also useful for women's clothing, for example when fastening pieces of clothing.

The ends of the laces, the aiglets, are made of brass. These are exact replicas of medieval originals. The laces are delivered in a set of 6 pieces.

Material: brass, cotton;
Color: black
Length: 40 cm;
Delivered in a set of 6;
Based on historical original;
Weight: 18 g;
Shipping weight: 100 grams *


Product details

Details/Material: brass, cotton/Color: black/Length: 40 cm/Delivered in a set of 6/Based on historical original/Weight: 18 g/Shipping weight: 100 grams


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