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ScareCrow Teeth paint and blood kit

Brand: ScareCrow
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Product description

Advantages (according to our specialist)

  1. For painting teeth
  2. Includes paint, application brush and fake blood
  3. Can also be used on fingernails


Shake contents rigorously in package prior to opening. Twist & snap to remove caps from teeth paint bottles. Squeeze a few drops of each color into plastic bubble from packaging, using it as a palette. Wipe teeth with paper towel to dry. Keep lips flared & teeth dry during entire process. Dip brush in either color, paint spaces between teeth then spread across teeth. Immediately use finger tip to gently wipe the smooth surfaces of teeth removing some of paint but leaving it heavy between teeth. Repeat alternating colors, building up layers of color until you are satisfied with your look. Keep mouth open additional 30-60 seconds to allow teeth paint to dry thoroughly. ADD MOUTH BLOOD IF DESIRED: Puncture blood capsule with a pin and squeeze around lips and teeth. Blood will not remove teeth paint (If teeth paint is totally dry). USE ON FINGERNAILS IF DESIRED: Paint fingernails with teeth paint allow to dry thoroughly. Remove with rubbing alcohol. Clean application brush with rubbing alcohol & allow to dry completely before reuse.

For teeth and fingernails
Shipment weight (g): 100 *

This item is produced in limited quantities only. This means that every piece is unique. Sizes & finish may vary lightly from piece to piece.

Product details

For teeth and fingernails


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