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Tanto - LARP Dagger, hilt brass coloured

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Product description

This Tanto LARP dagger is perfectly suitable for LARP battles. It is made by the Danish brand Palnatoke (after Pálna-Tóki, a Danish Viking chieftain) founded in 2000 by a group of LARPers that was not completely satisfied with the LARP items on the market. Nowadays the company is known for their strong latex weapons and leather accessories.

Each weapon has a sturdy glass fibre core in medium hard foam. The core is embedded in medium hard foam. Where the blade crosses the guard, it is strengthened with rubber to give the dagger extra durability. The dagger has also undergone an elaborate coating process and has several layers of coating. The grip of the dagger is wrapped round with leather. The dagger is 47 cm long with a 31 cm blade and a grip of 11,5 cm. It weighs approx. 80 grams. The hilt and cross-guard are brass coloured.

Product details:
Length: 55 cm
Grip length: 13 cm;
Blade length: 36 cm;
Width: 5 cm;
Material: foam;
Core material: fibre glass, kevlar;
Weight: 150 g;
Transport weight (grams): 2000 *


Product details

Product details: Length: 55 cm / Grip length: 13 cm / Blade length: 36 cm / Width: 5 cm / Material: foam / Core material: fibre glass, kevlar / Weight: 150 g /


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