Replica of archaeological findings suitable for use and fully handmade. Frankish and Viking axes Battle-ready and suitable for re-enactment and living history.

Replica axes, percussion weapons, flails and maces

Gaelic Sparth Gall Gael Viking axes Dane axe Outdoor axes Cold Steel axes Hawks Viking Living History Viking Viking re-enactment Medieval re-enactment 15th century re-enactment Handmade replica Medieval battle axes Hanwei viking axes Cold Steel Viking axes Maciejowski bible Medieval flail Viking skeggox Early-medieval throwing axe Francisca throwing axes Iron age & Celtic axe heads 15th century warhammers pole axes Flails with balls Flails with rings 16th century flails & maces replica mace replica morning stars Deepeeka double axe battle-ready Norman re-enactment Leather axe holders

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