Skin glue 100 g

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Skin glue 100 g

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Skin glue is, together with fish and bone glue, one of the oldest types of glue in the world. Skin glue was already used since Prehistory. Fish glue was used for i.a. glue paint, fletching arrows or fastening arrows and arrow heads.

Making glue paint
Glue paint was already used in Prehistory. To make it, you can soak and resolve the animal glue in warm water au bain marie. Consquently you rub the glue with pigments. This paint is not water resistant.
Test the material on a small surface before use. Celtic WebMerchant is not liable for the obtained color result.

This item is handmade at the Zaanse Schans in a traditional Dutch windmill from 1782. This is the only remaining still working paint windmill in the world. Pigments have been grinded in Dutch windmills for centuries.

Color: transparent, dark
Content: 100g
No hazard symbols, safe for normal use

Shipping outside Europe
This item can't be shipped outside Europe.

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