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Leonardo Carbone Short gambeson with laces white

Brand: Leonardo Carbone
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Product description

This gambeson is made of cotton and has a polyester padding. The exterior layers are made of sturdy cotton. It is available in the sizes S up to XXXL in the colours white and black.ï¾ This gambeson has a thickness of 12 mm.

Measurement chart (measured on the garment itself, pick a larger size when in doubt)

Size ï¾ Chest circumference ï¾ ï¾ Length ï¾ Sleeve length ï¾ Belly circumference
S110 cm70 cm56 cm107 cm
M116 cm72 cm56 cm112 cm
L122 cm76 cm57 cm114 cm
XL130 cm80 cm60 cm120 cm
XXL144 cm82 cm60 cm136 cm
XXXL162 cm86 cm63 cm138 cm

How to measure
Length: from the shoulder to knee/upper leg.
Chest / breast: circumference around the chest, breathe in properly.
Sleeve length: from shoulder to wrist.
Belly circumference: measures from the thickest part of the belly.ï¾ 

Product details

Short 15th-16th century gambeson with straps at the front. Slightly thinner and therefore more flexible than many other gambesons. Made of cotton with a wool filling. Ideal for wearing under 15th and 16th century plate armour.


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