Shellac clear (wax-free)


Shellac clear (wax-free)


Shellac has been used for more than 3,000 years. The lacquer is extracted from certain lice and is converted into flaked granules. Shellac was used for making wax seals, for some types of ink and of course for varnish on woodwork and on paintings. The first mention of the use of shellac in paint pigments dates back to 1220 in Spain. Shellac was very popular as a varnish, the color influences how dark the wood or painting becomes. Shellac was very popular as a sealing wax, because the quality is higher than normal wax. In addition, shellac was used as a stiffener for making hats and stiffening ballet shoes until the 20th century.

Making shellac varnish
For making shellac varnish you need: shellac, alcohol 96% and possibly pigments. Make a solution, 1 part shellac, 3 parts alcohol. Put these two weeks in a closed jar. The varnish is ready. You can optionally mix these with pigments for an extra color effect.

Color: transparent
Volume: 100 grams
No hazard symbols, safe in normal use

First test the material on a small surface before use. Celtic WebMerchant is not liable for the obtained color results.

This product is handmade on the Zaanse Schans in a traditional Dutch paint mill from 1782. This is the only remaining windmill in the world that still grinds pigments. In Holland, mills were traditionally used for grinding paint pigments.

Shipping outside Europe
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