Rub down panorama Jousting

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Rub down panorama Jousting

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This set consists of a rub down panorama in A4-size, with a colouring plate and English instructions at the back.

Step 1: Remove the backing paper away from the transfer sheet. Select the image you wish to rub down onto the background scene.
Step 2:Place the transfer sheet with the images face up, with your image on the right place, then simply rub all over the image firmly using a pen, pencil or coin
Step 3: Remove the transfer sheet slowly and carefully so that your image stays on the background. Cover the image using the backing paper and rub again.

Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Chocking hazard - small parts

The panorama shows a joust arena with various onlookers. The colouring plate on the back shows two jousting knights.

Size: A4
Delivery excluding colouring pencils
Shipment weight: 50 grams.

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