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Roman grain bundle

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Grain was one of the most primary revenues from agriculture. In early medieval Ireland, 80% of the land was used for growing grain. The Romans imported their grain on a large scale from North Africa during the 1st century BC. This sea connection was the life vein of the Roman empire. Grain was imported to harbours like Ostia.
Grain was also used as a symbol in the Egyptian, Greek and Roman mythology. The mown grain starch was used as a symbol in the 'Eleusinian mysteries'. Grain symbolized the Roman goddess Cybele and Attis is depicted with a golden starch. The Romans planted this crop on the graves of the dead to symbolize the power of the dead over the living.
This dried wheat is delivered in bundles of 70 cm. It is suitable for weaving in a garland.
Besides, a set consisting of several types of grain is a fun way to teach school children about the history of food and agriculture.

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