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Roman denarius Emperor Vespasian

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This coin is a replica made after originals that were beaten during the reign of emperor Vespasian (69-79 AD). Vespasian stabilized the Roman Empire politically and economically. The economic situation improved because of the implementation of new taxes, earlier discarded taxes and tax raises. Vespasian was the patron of art and literature and improved the integration of the most important Italian families in the Senate. He was a popular and succesful emperor as a result of his military experience and connections, advanced propaganda and his excellent relationship with the Senate.
This coin is made of patinated pewter. It has a diameter of approx. 2 cm.

Product details:
Diameter: 1.3 cm;
Material: tin (lead-free);
Based on a historic original: yes;
Transport weight (grams): 10 *

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